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May HR Dock Know-how

DOCK 1 • HR-Strategy

Development of the best suitable HR strategy for your organization. Depending on size and growth potential of your organization, you will get  individual proposals for your practical HR strategy, leading your organization towards more efficient HR practices and policies, without additional workload.

DOCK 2 • Organisation

Exploring the existing organizational structures and providing recommendations for optimization. Development of change management strategies to support the change process.  Create and implement appropriate communication strategies, accompanying change processes.  as well as coaching of leaders and employees. Ranging from simple forms and templates to training and workshops as well as individual coaching.

DOCK 3 • Leadership

Individual coaching of line managers - when taking over their first leadership role or, when facing conflict situations, and dealing with difficult changes, or even when facing issues in their own performance capacity. Individualized leadership workshops for single leaders or leadership teams can be an effective and powerful tool.

Janine Völkert-May is May HR Dock

May HR Dock - Janine Völkert-May

My name is Janine Völkert-May. After many years in HR leadership roles in different international organizations, I now offer qualified allround-services for the strategic HR work in your organization. My core competence is to provide support from the inside of the organization rather than from the outside to identify the most efficient solution, based on a thorough overview about employees and organizational structures. Together with you I am able to gain a very detailed overview about people and their culture within a short amount of time. Thus developing tailor-made solutions that fit best to your needs and organization.

It doesn't matter if you like to establish strategic HR processes, or if you like to get advice around an actual problem from the day-to-day business.


With MAY HR DOCK all strategic HR core competencies can be used in an agile and efficient way and can easily be implemented into the daily routines of your organization.

The principle: You dock on and get professional answers as well as tailor-made solutions. If you like to, you dock off. Or you stay docked.