May HR Dock Know-how

Dock 1 • HR-Strategy

Development of the best suitable HR strategy for your organization. Depending on size and growth potential of your organization, you will get  individual proposals for your practical HR strategy, leading your organization towards more efficient HR practices and policies, without additional workload.

Dock 2 • Organisation

Exploring the existing organizational structures and providing recommendations for optimization. Development of change management strategies to support the change process.  Create and implement appropriate communication strategies, accompanying change processes.  as well as coaching of leaders and employees. Ranging from simple forms and templates to training and workshops as well as individual coaching.

Dock 3 • Leadership

Individual coaching of line managers - when taking over their first leadership role or, when facing conflict situations, and dealing with difficult changes, or even when facing issues in their own performance capacity. Individualized leadership workshops for single leaders or leadership teams can be an effective and powerful tool.

Dock 4 • Employee Motivation

Individual HR solutions around the employee life cycle, focusing on developing and motivating employees. Addressing questions around conflict management and performance issues and providing workable solutions.  Managing sickness, parental leave, inclusion and  exit management are part of the service expertise.

Dock 5 • Development of competencies

Development of  employee performance management tools and position based competency frameworks in line with the overall strategy together with the required guidelines and training activities to make these tools part of the daily management routine. This includes techniques and training around efficient coaching and evaluation conversations to asses’ individual performance and create individual developmental action plans. 

Dock 6 • Talent Management

Coaching to improve the ability of individuals to assess their own developmental needs and potential. Goal: establishing the best development strategy for your talents Including the necessary forms and tools to support the talent development.

Dock 7 • Getting started

Development of tailor-made onboarding processes for your organization, ensuring a smooth integration of new employees. This includes support of line managers with onboarding checklists, feedback discussions during the trial period as well as mentoring of new employees during their first few months.

Dock 8 • Compensation and Benefits

Implementation of appropriate compensation and benefit models. Optimization of the current salary structure, including variable pay components and bonus structures, as well as pension schemes, flexible working time, home office arrangement and company car. Support from the strategic decision up to deployment - from selecting the best providers up to negotiating contracts and agreements. Compensation is seen as an integral part.

Dock 9 • Labor Law

Individual solutions when dealing with individual employment matters (e.g. disciplinary cases, warnings, notice) as well as trustworthy relationship with employee representatives. . It doesn't matter which topic is being addressed, , bargaining agreements, dress code, working hours, variable pay, break times etc., you will get the appropriate solutions for your organization in line with the legal framework. As a well-versed partner, we will find the best solution for all parties being included.

Dock 10 • HR Office

Establishing a new HR department within a fast growing organization. Evaluation and optimization of structures and processes within existing HR departments. The service includes the operational HR work on-site during the implementation phase.

Dock 11 • Employee Communication

Developing  an efficient employee communication. Implement structured employee meetings and discussions to achievebalanced dialogue. Expertise in employee engagement surveys and health & safety topics.